Wakibi stands for microfinancing entrepreneurs in developing countries 


Wakibi is a non profit organization striving to battle against poverty on a daily basis by connecting administers and entrepreneurs in developing countries worldwide  


Wakibi believes in self sustainability and entrepreneurship and offers a unique concept for microfinancing. Via Wakibi we offer entrepreneurs in developing countries possibilities to build up an independent path of life by granting microfinance. 97% of the loans are paid back and can therefore be granted again. In this way the donation circles round and round and we maximize social impact. 


Wakibi is mainly operated by volunteers, this is why 100% of the grants support projects directly. The Cirrus Foundation supports more equal opportunities for people worldwide. We support an entrepreneurial method of working. Wakibi and the Cirrus Foundation have therefore created a social impact fund, with which we will lend out a substantial amount of money.  We also support the Wakibi organisation with a donation. 


Together we help improve the lives of entrepreneurial people!