Cirrus Impuls meet AND CONNECt

It appears that in our current society, there is less attention and interest in fostering strong social cohesion. Yet, the need for engagement and significance, in any form, remains a universal human need. Due to the lack of genuine interest in each other, there is an increasing polarization occurring. Among different groups of people, (unconscious) misunderstanding seems to be growing more common. It feels as if people no longer want or are able to listen to each other, remaining 'stuck' in their own bubbles.

The Cirrus Foundation aims to counteract this trend because attention to one another and better understanding contribute to a better society.

We support organizations that facilitate encounters / meets and connections between different groups through donations.

We periodically open a "call" (an opportunity to submit requests) and announce the total available amount. This call is communicated on our website along with specific criteria that applications must meet. We aim for a very accessible and fast evaluation process for the applications.

Calls are only available for Dutch organisations in Dutch context.