About cirrus

In 1990, Richard Westerhuis and Yvonne Swaans began their entrepreneurial adventure together. It started with seeing an opportunity. This was followed by many hours of planning and making choices. After this intensive research period, together with enthusiasm they set to work to realize great successes. 


Through trial and error, they have been able to realize many of their dreams in the past 30 years. Always working from their own strengths and making use of each other's strengths and perseverance. 

In 2020 there was a solid family office where a fine team of driven professionals works on researching and further developing ever-present entrepreneurial opportunities. 


One of the dreams of the entrepreneurs was to be able to share the knowledge, skills and financial resources gained to help create a better living environment. In this case not focused on business success but on achieving social goals. Goals that improve social cohesion in society, for example. Also challenges that lie in the climate area had the attention.   

From this idea the Cirrus foundation was born and established in 2021. The foundation wants to support existing charities and make resources available. It does this within the themes of climate and human rights.  We actively involve employers of our companies. 


The name Cirrus (a cloud type) was chosen because it suits the founders and entrepreneurs behind the foundation. Cirrus clouds are calm and inconspicuous, but in reality they move forward at great speed. In doing so, cirrus clouds are veil clouds. Present, but they allow the light of the sun to pass through.






The Cirrus Foundation stands for a positive approach to differences. Differences on every level. We believe in the power that diversity brings. By actively listening, different perspectives are explored and applied so that a better result is within reach. Embracing differences creates a strong, flexible and sustainable society.  




The Cirrus Foundation helps with projects that contribute to improving human rights and those that provide solutions and insight into climate challenges.  We stimulate an entrepreneurial approach. We want to create space for different thinking and approaches within the themes. Education and art are important tools that we like to use for this purpose.  


The Cirrus foundation is a corporate foundation based in the Netherlands. We do not raise money or goods from third parties.

 The foundation is a "Institution for General Benefit" (ANBI).  The Cirrus Foundation is member of the FIN, The Dutch Association for foundations. 


The members of the board are : 


Chairman:             Yvonne Swaans 

Secretary:             Marcel van der Veer

Treasurer:             Gidi van Boxmeer




Maurice Bongers is business contact of the Cirrus Foundation