March 01 2024


The very first call of the Encounter and Connection initiative was successful!

Engaging in dialogue seems to be the common denominator in the awards.

Soon we will provide further information about some of the awards!"


November 25 2023


Through one of our employees, it came to our attention that Voices for Women is actively and creatively advocating for its goals. Voices for Women advocates for gender-specific care.


As early as the last century, it was known that the female body gets sick differently than the male body, but that the male body is considered the norm. This significant knowledge gap leads to misdiagnoses and incorrect treatments, sometimes resulting in fatal consequences. The foundation raises awareness through symposiums, lectures, and has recently launched the National Women's Health Day on May 25, 2024.


Additionally, they are building a platform for women with unexplained health issues. Research shows that 80 percent of all patients with unexplained health issues are women, and this is related to insufficient knowledge. They also advocate for targeted research into male-female differences. We are happy to support their cause. Please read more about it!

November 21  2023


Cirrus is set to contribute to Treesforall. Trees for All has been working towards a forested world for nearly 25 years. They plant trees in the Netherlands and abroad through various forest projects. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees. Through a donation, companies can offset their CO2 emissions. We applaud this initiative and are actively participating!

September 18 2023


The Collaboration for Equal Opportunity & Citizenship Education (SKB) is advocating for equal opportunities for all children. But how can we accelerate this fight and make it even more effective? During the Week of Equal Opportunities (November 2023), they are organizing an event that is not about young people but instead focuses on putting young people at the center. Cirrus is one of the funds supporting this initiative.

June 7 2023


Cirrus supports TheBridge2Hope because human trafficking and exploitation are reprehensible in all forms. This beautiful organization from Amsterdam helps more than 30 people annually. They receive, among other things, psychosocial support, Dutch lessons, and education on healthy nutrition. Together, they work on rebuilding their lives. "Cirrus will strive to offer just a little more help than just money, although that is, of course, of the utmost importance," said Angelique Koopmans, chairperson of TheBridge2Hope foundation

March 10 2023


 The Cirrus Foundation supports Takecare BNB from Amsterdam. Takecare BNB matches refugees with host families. They support Dutch households that offer a room for a period of 3 months to refugees who are seeking accommodation. Takecare BNB aims to alleviate the situation in asylum seeker centers (AZCs) and support the optimal integration of refugees. Cirrus will provide support to Takecare BNB for a duration of 3 years. Together with them, we will explore ways to do more than just providing financial assistance.

November 12 2022


Cirrus supports the AVA foundation. This is a one-time suport but we believe that is is necessary. Even in the Netherlands women-rights are under pressure! We support AVA because: 


-We think we have to listen more closely to what women really want on abortion and contraception;

-We think we have to do more survey on the experience of abortion and contraception;
-We think there is to less progression on new ways of birth control (for women and for men);
-We believe there should be more freedom of choice;
-We worry about the conservative sound wearing around in the Netherlands


Photographer: Wesley Olland

March 16 2022


Struck by everything in the Ukraine crises the Cirrus Foundation has decided to support Free Press Unlimited . We back up article 19: 


Article 19 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas  through any media, regardless of frontiers. 


We support an organization which stands for independent information and we support Project 'Media Lifeline Ukraine'. 


February 10 2022


The Cirrus Foundation supports Juttersgeluk  from Overveen.  Juttersgeluk combines beach-cleanups with a social upcycle studio. They make and produce new products from plastic litter found on the beaches. Cirrus supports Juttersgeluk  for a period of 5 year.  We will try to stimulate more cooperation for an optimized social-circular effect.  

February 9 2022


Cirrus Foundation supports stichting Move from Utrecht.  Move works on equal chances for youth aged 10 - 16 years and on talent development of this group.  Move improves the social-emotional abilities of this group by working with students in an educational environment.  We will support Move for three years and aim to make Move even more futureproof. We stimulate an more intens cooperation with all partners of Move. 

December 12 2021


The Cirrus Foundation has decided to support Support Casper  . This foundation is making progress in doing research on pancreatic cancer. 

November 25 2021


The Cirrus Foundation works hard to realize support in order to reach goals.  We are proud of announcing a social impact fund in cooperation with Wakibi. Read more about this project here.

April 23 2021


De Cirrus foundation is alive! The board is active and the website is online. We feel like we are ready to open up for charity requests!